Social Change and Hybrid Interactive Cultures (EN)

Developer, Researcher and Designer – Dr. Carmen Martínez is Jack of all trades in Smart Speaker Technology

Dr. Carmen Martínez is a Conversational UX Researcher and Designer at Computer Futures Berlin. She holds a PhD in Conversation Analysis and is a recognized expert in the field of human-to-human conversation.

Dr. Carmen Martínez - the latest addition to our lineup for our SayWhat?! Event on October 17th.

Currently, her work focuses on the innovative conception and heuristic testing of paradigms of conversational interactions between humans and intelligent assistants, chatbots, and robots. Carmen regularly publishes her approaches to human-machine communication in dialog in Chatbots Magazine (USA) and Planeta Chatbot (Spain). As an Alexa developer, she applies her previous experience as second language instructor for creating voice-mediated educational products.

There’s more to Smart Speakers, than Devices that tell you what time it is

VUIs are integrated into many modern smartphones and are also sold as standalone appliances for home. As they become mainstream technology, they also push the flourishment of design interest in conversational interfaces. On a social level, the ubiquitous availability of VUIs constitutes the source for the emergence of conversational practices specific to human-to-machine interactions. The situated nature of such practices in hybrid (physical and digital) communicative contexts shapes the organization of human-to-machine conversations with unique and specific sociocultural characteristics.

Technological Improvements, do not only come by Content & Fancy Skills

In this presentation, we explore ways of operationalizing conversational findings from such hybrid contexts for the purposes of VUI design. We try to identify what can be done to improve user experience and consider creative approaches to how we might ameliorate challenges that are currently faced in voice-based product design.

We are looking forward to seeing you Carmen and are curious about your presentation! Thank you for coming on board!

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